Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Depression Glass - Definition

Depression Glass is the colored glassware made primarily during the Depression Era (1928-1940). It was made in the colors of amber, blue, black, crystal, green, pink, yellow and white. A good deal of the Depression glass was given away as promotional or premium items for other products. It was often packaged in cereal boxes and flour sacks or given as incentives for buying tickets to the movies. It was also given as a premium at gasoline stations and grocery stores.

On occasion you will see glass made after 1940 described as depression glass, but true depression glass was made from 1928 to 1940.

Pictured beow is a sample of pink Depression Glass.

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  1. Helen, those are outSTANDing pieces of pink depression glass! Back in the day, I used to collect the yellow pineapple pattern..had almost 40 pieces, but had to sell when I room in my RV!:( I so enjoy your blog...keep up the good work, my friend!