Friday, June 3, 2011

Henn Pottery a/k/a Gerald E. Henn Workshops

The Henn family handcrafted the finest dinnerware, bakeware, and serving pieces on their homestead in Warren, Ohio for five generations. Henn Pottery is very heavy, but truly unique. It looks like a sponged wall only it is on dinnerware. They call this dinnerware spongeware. All of the collectibles handcrafted at Henn boasted a commitment to quality and beauty that was a mainstay in early America. After 25 years Henn closed its doors in 2007. Henn pottery is made in the U.S.A - oven proof, microwave safe, dishwasher safe.

There are often glaze pops here or there on pottery, this is a natural characteristic of hand made pottery and like all hand made pottery there may be variations in the pattern and color in each piece. Henn pottery was sold by Henn consultants at house parties.

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