Monday, June 6, 2011

Metlox Potteries - Poppytrail Artware Division

The Purple Cow Cookie Jar is made by Metlox. They were located in Manhattan Beach, California. The name Poppytrail evolved from the California state flower, the poppy. The Poppytrail Artware Division of Metlox produced cookie jars from the late 1950's until the company closed in 1989.

Evan K Shaw purchased Metlox from Willis Prouty in 1946 after his LA California based American Pottery burned to the ground. The name Metlox was a contraction of "metal oxide". The year 1946 was truly the birth of Metlox and they soon became a world leader in ceramic ware. The Poppytrail Artware cookie jars became successful because of Evan K. Shaw’s "spare no expense, time or effort" philosophy. He hired a gifted group of designers who truly loved the cookie jar concept and believed it to be an art form.

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