Sunday, June 5, 2011

Northwood Company - Harry Northwood

Harry Northwood was considered by some to be a genius in the glass industry. His father John Northwood was a renowned English glass maker. Harry Northwood came to America in 1880 and worked in Wheeling, West Virginia learning his glass making craft.

In 1886 he moved to Bridgeport, Ohio where he continued to become an expert glass crafter. In 1896 he formed the Northwood Company at Indiana, Pennsylvania. It was during this time period he developed the Northwood custard glass.

In 1908 Harry Northwood decided to follow the example of his student, Frank L. Fenton and market iridized glass. He marketed his first Northwood iridescent glass and Northwood Carnival glass began. For over ten years carnival glass was the great American "craze". Harry Northwood died in 1921. Carnival glass had proven to be the jewel in the crown of a genius.

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