Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sigma Tastesetter

Sigma was a New York based importer/distributor of gift ware started in the late 1960's. Sigma was the gift ware division of Rockville International located in Garden City, New York. They eventually became part of Towle International. This company was a leader in Sesame Street and Star Wars products as well as many other figural cookie jars. They made many of the Muppet products including a Kermit Cookie Jar. Their 10 year collaboration with Japanese factories and American designers was magical. They closed in 1985 according to the Roerig Cookie Jars Book.

This Fireman Dog Cookie Jar is an example of Sigma’s beautiful cookie jars.

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  1. Hi Hazeleyes,
    I recently purchased a sigma tastesetter piece but cannot find any information about it. I've Googled many times using miscellaneous facts about it but I cannot find a thing. Is there a site or place I could e-mail or call to try and find out about this piece? Thank you for any help you can give me.